My overall approach to therapy is Humanistic and most integral to my work with clients is Gestalt Therapy. However I am an integrative therapist, and often use elements and skills from a range of approaches such as Transactional Analysis, Person Centred, Existential Therapy and CBT. My whole approach is supported by Psychodynamic Theories of childhood, in particular Attachment Theory and Object Relations.

I believe that the dialogue between the therapist and client is integral to therapy and I am warm, attentive and attuned to what is being communicated in the therapy room. While I may at times focus on the ‘here and now’, I also pay attention to past experiences and will take into account a client’s life history. At times I may invite clients to act things out as in role plays, or to give voice to something that is relevant for them at the time. If appropriate I offer creative elements within the therapy like drawing, painting or creative writing. In using this approach my intentions are to create an environment that supports the client to feel safe enough to explore their process so that together we can work through some of the elements that may be blocking or causing them pain.